Seniors recommend CBD to their friends

Seniors recommend CBD to their friends

Posted by Twine Life Team on Sep 25th 2020

Headlines abound with “CBD oil for pain” and “CBD creams help with arthritis pain” and people are starting to consider incorporating them into their own wellness routines. More of those people are seniors. More than half of seniors who have tried CBD report an improved quality of life and recommend CBD to their friends.

A recent study of 1,000 seniors ages 54 and up found that 9% of seniors have tried CBD for health-related reasons and 51% of those that have tried it reported having an improved quality of life afterward. Over 65% of the seniors surveyed that tried CBD said that their quality of life was good, while only 31.1% said the same before trying CBD.

As for how those seniors are taking that CBD, many prefer drops. A whopping 54.4% of the seniors surveyed that had tried CBD did so by putting CBD drops directly in their mouth. Evidence suggests putting CBD oil directly under the tongue provides the fastest absorption. 21.1% of the seniors opted to put CBC oil drops in a beverage instead. 

As you might imagine, with older age comes a number of health problems, which is primarily what seniors were looking for relief from with regular CBD use.

42% of the seniors surveyed said they were taking the CBD to deal with inflammation, and 40.9% to deal with chronic pain. 38.6% said they were giving CBD a try in order to deal with poor sleep quality, and 31.8% used CBD to deal with arthritis pain. And it's working.

61.1% of the seniors that tried CBD said that it helped reduce their pain, and 45.6% reported improved sleep quality. Seniors also reported having reduced anxiety, stress relief, and a more positive mood.

Remedy Review’s study is far from the first to point out that CBD might be a good solution for seniors.

A 2019 post on Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health pointed out that in numerous studies CBD has been effective in combating seizures and is also helpful in dealing with anxiety and sleepless nights.

A study from the European Journal of Pain also showed that CBD applied directly to the skin has helped lower pain and inflammation due to arthritis.

We’re still in the early days of CBD popularity, especially in the senior market, but so far the outlook looks good. As with anything we put in or on our bodies, TWINE CBD encourages you to discuss with your medical professional the ways CBD may benefit your wellness regimen.

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