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What is Cannabidiol?

Discover the Benefits

CBD is a non-intoxicating compound found in the hemp (cannabis) plant that can affect the body’s response to pain, inflammation, anxiety and others. Some researched benefits of CBD:

Relieves Pain

The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD help to reduce pain and inflammation

Rest & Relaxation

Experience the calming and sleep promoting benefits of cannabidiol

Joint Pain

CBD affects the brain's response to pain signals to relieve aches


CBD is a safe alternative to treat and alleviate stress, anxiety and depression

Chronic Conditions

Including Alzheimers, asthma, heart disease, migraines and much more

Sharpens Focus

CBD promotes the increased production of serotonin improving mental focus and cognitive abilities

CBD is being evaluated worldwide for its healing properties and providing a natural alternative for pain relief and mental health.

A Brief History

Growth of Cannabidiol in the U.S.

Before 1900
Grown and Raised
The Cannabis plant was historically grown for use across a wide range of industries. It wasn't until early manufacturing in the U.S. uncovered a number of other niche uses.
Marihuana Tax Act
Advances in hemp production threatened the paper industry which lead prominent businessman Randolph Hearst to petition for a heavy tax on growing and trading of hemp, thus handicapping it's spread throughout the U.S.
The Discovery of CBD
A scientist and Harvard graduate named Roger Adams successfully isolated CBD from the rest of the plant. Not much was done with it as scientists had yet to understand it's medicinal properties.
The First CBD Tests
Six short years after Adams had isolated cannabidiol, Dr. Walter S. Loewe began testing cannabinoids as a medicine on lab animals. He observed the first documented effects of cannabinoids on mammals.
CBD's Most Important Moment
Raphael Mechoulam described the chemical structure of CBD, going further than Dr. Adams to not only isolate the compound, but actually define what the structure of the individual cannabinoid molecules were.
First Medical Cannabis Tincture
British Pharmacopoeia releases a cannabis tincture that was likely filled with CBD full spectrum extracts, suspended within alcohol to make a CBD tincture. This was the first example of an official, government backed medication that contained cannabis allowed to be sold to the public.
The First Legalization in the U.S.
Once Britain released their medicine, the rest of the world began to take notice. The state of New Mexico officially recognized cannabis as a medicine available to the public. Even though it was widely protested, the bill passed anyway.
The First Proof of Concept
Dr. Mechoulam explored the use of CBD as a specific treatment for epileptic patients. The study was a success, demonstrating that patients treated with CBD experienced a reduction in seizures and an improved condition. However, the social stigma of cannabis prevented CBD from being used to treat medical conditions.
Widely Accepted for Its Medical Use
California was the first state to completely legalize medical Marijuana. This was the first step in creating a solid Cannabis and CBD industry, providing a safe space to grow and produce the product.
2000 +
The Future of CBD
CBD has a long and storied history throughout humanity, from industrial and medicinal use, through to banning and social avoidance, then back to public awareness and usefulness. Despite decades of scientific research and work by ardent scientists across the globe, it took 70 years from when CBD was first isolated for it to be finally appreciated.
Not just a fad

Natural Hemp-Derived CBD

The internet is inundated with information about CBD product claims, what it’s used for, which products are most effective (Full-spectrum vs. TCH-free), how it’s processed (various extraction methods), dosing instructions, etc. Most of the information on the internet and from pop-up companies jumping on the CBD “fad” bandwagon is misleading and there is little real education on what to look for when selecting CBD as a health alternative. This is due in part from its seemingly new appearance to the market, when in actuality hemp-derived CBD has been around for well over 100 years. The stigma surrounding the hemp industry as a whole and its close cousin Marijuana has also been a factor in the misunderstanding of its use and beneficial health properties.

Third-Party Approved

Researched. Tested. Proven.

We are committed to providing the safest, most effective products created with unrivaled quality, trustworthy research, and 3rd-party testing and validation. TWINE CBD is backed by our commitment to continuing advancement and education. We’ve worked hard to develop strategic partnerships with generations of hemp farmers, industry-leading botanists, scientists, and geneticists to build a team of professionals to bring you world-class products.

TWINE CBD products are grown, formulated and produced in compliance with the highest standards of the U.S. hemp industry including the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the GLobal Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification, and the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).

We are proud to offer, after years of research and due diligence, TWINE CBD. We know you’ll agree it’s by far the most complete product on the market.