Twine Pet CBD Oils & Treats General Info

Numerous benefits of CBD extend to our pet families as well. Turns out, dogs and cats have the same regulatory management system, endocannabinoid system (ECS), as people do. Key functions including sleep, appetite, joint mobility, discomfort sensation and many others are likewise affected by CBD and our pets’ ECS system. TWINE CBD pet oils act to bring these functions back into a healthy balance.

Each package of TWINE CBD Oil for Pets contains a total of 250mg of USA, organically grown, 99% pure CBD isolate in a fatty-acid-rich all-natural hemp seed oil with bacon flavors. Like our products for people, TWINE PET CBD products are subjected to the same rigorous testing for safety, quality and purity. QR codes on each package take you to specific testing results verifying purity, safety and NO THC. Oils can be applied to your pets’ food or directly in their mouths. This method allows for monitoring how much CBD is needed for the desired effect.

Tasty, crunchy TWINE PET BITES provide a standard 10mg CBD in every treat. Each package contains 30 bites for a total of 300mg total CBD. Start with 1 bite per day for the average 25-50 pound pet. Create Better Days for your healthiest self and your healthiest pet.