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Our Story

It's All In The Chemistry

Woven Together by Friendship

The CBD conversation continued, and this is where Missy and close friend Angie, who’d also had family and friends share successes with CBD, came together.  The 2018 Farm Bill being signed by President Trump in December 2018 fueled their interest and conviction to learn more about CBD. Hours of online research, visits to hemp farms across the US, interviews with manufacturers and processors of U.S. hemp resulted in the birth of Hemp-Derived TWINE CBD. 

Capitalizing on the 35+ years gift industry sales experience of their husbands, Missy and Angie created top quality, 100% THC-Free CBD products specifically for the specialty retail market. They know their customers and know that only the highest quality, legal, 100% THC-FREE CBD products derived exclusively from U.S. grown hemp would meet their customers high standards.  Finally, Missy and Angie decided upon one of only 13 companies certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority to formulate and produce TWINE CBD’s 100% THC-FREE products for retailers.

TWINE’s business-to-business model allows us to do the homework for our retailers, cull through the confusion and provide the highest quality, rigorously tested, effective products. We have done the research, formulated top quality, safe products and want to assure our retailers TWINE CBD products are 100% THC- FREE and products they will want to use themselves and feel good about selling to others.

Our Mission

Bound To Health

The research into understanding CBD took a tremendous amount of effort to navigate its complicated history and complex production methods. Our mission was to separate fact from fiction and get to the root to truly understand what set hemp-derived CBD apart from the “snake oil” remedies of the past. This mission brought us to the realization that we could break away from a market oversaturated with marketing gimmicks, poor quality production, and misinformation to offer the highest-quality and purest hemp-derived CBD products made and manufactured right here in the U.S.

TWINE CBD: Redefining the Industry

We’ve committed to sharing the powerful benefits of our products to establish trust while de-stigmatizing and simplifying your understanding of what CBD is. Our background in business, chemistry, distribution, and production, has allowed us to develop a plan to source our own USA-grown, THC-free, hemp-derived CBD to create a reliable, trustworthy product that we’d buy for ourselves and for our families.

We sought out U.S. farms to organically grow the finest quality hemp, following the strictest standards of manufacturing, while verifying the hemp from field to harvest to extraction. We traveled across the country to review and inspect the hemp fields and personally vetted each and every supplier for quality assurance. We also oversaw the extraction and manufacturing process at every point down the smallest detail to ensure we brought the highest quality CBD product to market. Period.

Join us on the journey to natural wellness