REWARD: Missing Dog

REWARD: Missing Dog

Jun 26th 2020

REWARD: Lost Dog!

Did you know more pets go missing on the 4th of July than any other time? For many animal shelters, July 5this the busiest day of the year. Sadly, fireworks and pets rarely mix. I’m sure that one of our dogs being lost would ruin any family celebration we might hope to have. Just as humans, animals can suffer from all types of anxiety. Common reasons for pet anxiety are categorized as

  1. Situational--such as thunderstorms, fireworks, strangers or travel. I can personally attest to the travel part of this as our 6-year-old female Labrador retriever Olive loves to go places but STRESSES the entire car ride.
  2. Behavioral--such as destruction during owner’s absence, deviation from normal potty procedures under stress or atypical aggression with strangers are also common with this type of anxiety.

Symptoms of dog anxiety include: Pacing, panting, excessive neediness, whimpering, trembling, aggression, going to the bathroom inside despite training, loss of appetite and others.

The good news is CBD oil for pets is showing promise in preliminary studies for addressing these issues. CBD is a naturally occurring compound in human and many animals and also found in the Cannabis family of plants, most abundantly hemp. So how does CBD affect humans and animals?

Turns out animals, like us humans, have an ECS or endocannabinoid system which works to regulate multiple functions including:

-pain perception





-metabolism and others.

What happens when our pets’ ECS (and ours, by the way) is out of balance resulting in the symptoms we started this conversation with…undue stress, nervousness, moodiness, sleeplessness, achiness and more? CBD is a promising new option. 

Again, preliminary research (because hemp was erroneously grouped in with its cousin marijuana amid an anti-marijuana hysteria in 1957 and not available for broad scientific study until 2018) is promising in that it is showing the potential benefit CBD offers by interacting with the body’s naturally occurring ECS to soothe and calm anxiety naturally. This means giving CBD oil for your pet's anxiety works naturally with his/her own body.

Bottom line…the science is new and ever evolving, yet very promising with the benefits CBD offers for us humans and our pets. If you’re wondering should you use cbd oil for dogs, should you use cbd oil for cats, what’s the best pet cbd for sale or how do I buy cbd oil for dogs…? Please contact us...

There’s nothing we are more passionate about than educating ourselves about CBD and its countless benefits for people and pets and sharing that knowledge with others. You may be wondering…Is TWINE cbd oil for cats? What is the difference between hemp oil for dogs and hemp oil for cats and cbd oil for dogs and cbd oil for cats? It’s really not that confusing. In a nutshell, scientists have discovered and continue to study and provide evidence-based science to show the same potential benefits cbd offers you and me, it provides at least similar benefits to the 4-legged, beloved members of our families as well.